Swan Lake, Act II, Scene 1, The Palace Gates and Scene 2, The Royal Ball
Will as the jealous lover of the provocative and flirtatious Italian princess played by Saranne Curtin

(Whenever I see these particular scenes, I am reminded somewhat of Jim Carrey, as Will shows great comedic timing and has an incredibly expressive face that lights up the place.  He flat out steals both scenes.)   
Act I, Scene 2, The Palace
Will in discussion with the Press Secretary and vying for the attention of the Queen.  He puffs up quite proud of himself as she hand picks him to be one of her escorts.
Act I, Scene 6, A Seedy Club
Will as the Pop Idol - some pretty wild moves by our boy on the dance floor.
Act II Scene 3, The Prince's Bedroom
The haunting last scene with two nice photos of Will making his entrance.
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