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* What's Happening Digest*

Film: Step Up 2: The Streets
Role: Blake Collins
Director: John Chu
Status: Post production / USA
Release Date: 14 February 2008

Role: Horseman & Nugget
Director: Thea Sharrock
West End Season:
27 February 2007-09 June 2007
Gielgud Theatre, London 

Film: Miguel & William
Role: William Shakespeare
Director: Ines Paris
Premiered: February 2007

* Here's What's Happening in Will's World*

October 22nd:

Link for Step Up 2 trailer has changed. You will like the new setting.  

October 21st:

It's back to the big screen as Will's latest project,
'Step Up 2: Back to the Streets is now  in post production with a release date of 14 February. The trailer is out and we see quite a different character for Will - and sans the lovely british accent. A leaner, meaner role  this time out. The dancing in this movie is unbelievable. So, now we go back to counting the days until we get to see him as many times as we want at the theatre. That will add up to a lot of popcorn, Coke and M&Ms.

We've met Will's adorable and ultra-talented sister
Daisy May through her many roles in Matthew Bourne's critically acclaimed 'Swan Lake' and it's about time you were introduced to his equally mulit-talented brother, Roland. Need a personal trainer? Looks like he could whip you into shape in no time.  

August 11th:

Hot tip for a hot summer day:

I've just heard from one of my very reliable sources that Will has arrived in the States (Baltimore to be exact) to start filming the sequel to the popular dance film
'Step Up' (2006) which grossed over $100 million worldwide. The new film entitled 'Step Up 2: The Streets' is directed by John Chu. Will plays the role of Blake Collins who is the Director of the Maryland School of the Arts. (Rachel Griffiths, late of the multi-Emmy winning HBO series 'Six Feet Under' - played a similar role in the original). The production started filming on 30 July and is produced by Disney Studios. I've not yet seen anything in the press about Will's participation, but I would imagine that will change shortly.  Watch this space for further updates. Also movie websites: ComingSoon.net & Touchstone Pictures.

July 17th:

Like many concerned people around the world, Will has joined the cause to bring pressure on local government to change current attitudes and laws in the fight against the rapid growth of greenhouse gases that are taking more and more a toll on our environment and drastically changing our climate with each passing year.

Toward this end, he has leant his voice and support to the U.K. based organization
Friends of the Earth. For his personal video message, log on
to the website
The Big Ask.com and type in his name. You will also find many other celebrities who have become involved in The Big Ask March.

Be sure to check out the U.S. based website,
Climate Crisis.org as well.
If you have not already seen the utterly astounding, Academy Award winning film,
'An Inconvenient Truth', be sure to click on the link to the trailer. I can almost guarantee that not only will you find yourself renting the film shortly thereafter, but what you see and learn, what you experience while watching it, you will not soon, if ever, forget.

By visiting the FOE and ClimateCrisis websites alone, you will discover that there are many ways in which you yourself can make a difference in helping to stop global warming....it can be as simple as changing the light bulbs you use!

So join the march, join the movement, join Will and the millions of others around the world who are working towards doing their part to help save our planet. 
And thank you for doing so.

July 4th:

Excerpt from the 01 July 07 edition of The Observer:

"Did Shakespeare work as a Catholic spy during his 'missing years', between 1586 and 1592? Or did he simply lie low and teach in a Welsh school for a little extra money? Perhaps, as one school of thought has it, he joined a troupe of travelling players, or even enjoyed a prolonged holiday in Italy."

"A new Spanish film has developed this solution to the biographical mystery and come up with a plotline that the producers argue is entirely feasible and will also shed fresh light on the playwright's creative process.
William and Miguel*, to be released in Britain later this year, stars
Will Kemp, the British actor and former classical ballet talent, in the role of Shakespeare."  For entire article - click here.

*The movie title is 'Miguel & William', but of course the other way around would suit
   us just  fine.



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