A Bourne Natural:  Matthew Christopher Bourne
Birthdate/place:   January 13, 1960     London   
Resides:  London
Family:  Parents, June and Jim Bourne; Brother, Dan
Status:  Has a partner
Professional dance training:  Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London;  1982-85
Dance companies: Adventures in Motion Pictures 1987-2002: Founding member, dancer,
                             choreographer, artistic director.
                             New Adventures 2001-present:  Artistic Director, Choreographer

Reason he got into dance:  "When I was young, I believed that you could be cured by music; that when I was ill, if I put on my favourite music, it would cure me.  And I still feel that music is therapeutic.  I remember my mum telling me that I would pick up songs before I could put sentences together.  And today I can still recite hundreds of song lyrics.  Later, I used to sing along with records a lot - really loudly, not just humming away.  I used to perform in the same way as years later I did in ballet classes:  all feeling and no technique!  But I used to feel it so much.  I think all those things contributed to what I am doing now.  It's about feeling music, which is the basis of what I do."
Matthew Bourne staged his first production at age five or six and he hasn't slowed down since. Below is a list of productions he has choreographed and in earlier productions, even peformed in.  Ninety-nine percent of the information on this page and indeed through-out the web pages on this site devoted to Bourne, come from his book, "Matthew Bourne and His Adventures in Motion Pictures". This is a must for any fan of Bourne's, any student or lover of dance and theatre. It's a gold mine of information and let's you get into the head of the genius that is Matthew Bourne.  Very few artists allow such an intimate peek at what makes them tick. It is also full of great photos and sketches and of course there is the 'Will factor'!
Stage Productions

*Overlap Lovers. An Intrigue in Three Parts.
*Buck and Wing
*Spitfire.  And Advertisement Divertissement.
*The Infernal Galop. A French dance with English subtitles.
*As You Like It
*Leonce and Lena
*Within the Quota
*Children of Eden
*Town & Country
*A  Midsummer Night's Dream*
*The Tempest
*Show Boat
*Watch with Mother
*Deadly  Serious 'An Hysterical Double-Feature'
*The Percys of Fitzrovia. An Arty-Farce.
*Peer Gynt
*Highland Fling. A Romantic Wee Ballet.
*Watch Your Step
*Girls were made to Love and Kiss
*The Swan
*Swan Lake (Revivals and tours 1996-2003)
     (Current tour no longer under his direction-belongs to AMP)
*Cinderella (Tour 1999)
*The Car Man (Tour 2001, 2002)
*My Fair Lady
*South Pacific
Play Without Words (Revival later 2003)
*Nutcracker!  (Currently on tour)
*Edward Scissorhands

Late Flowering Lust
Drip.  A Narcissistic Love Story
1995: Roald Dahl's 'Little Red Riding Hood' 
Swan Lake
2000: Billy Elliott ('Swan Lake' courtesy Bourne and AMP)
2001: The Car Man
2001: Bourne to Dance
Will Kemp Home *    Matthew Bourne Home
Age 15 - well on his way to becoming a singular sensation...
** List of awards and honors to be
    added shortly.