Okay.  Let's all admit it.  It's not just their incredible dancing that captivates us so -  it's the entire package!  Yep, their gorgeous faces, their fabulous bodies, and their unique  personalities.  But most important of all, it is that very special gift they have - the ability  to reach down into the audience to each and every one of us and touch us with a performance that can sometimes leave us nearly breathless.

This very special page on willkemp.org is dedicated to those dancers, choreographers and dance companies who have personally entertained, moved, inspired, provoked and yes, made us swoon.  

My friend and dance aficionada, Mandy, has helped me put this tribute page together. While we have several dancers in mind that we ourselves will be spotlighting, we hope you will join us, as others have, by sharing with us that 'must see'  who knocks
your socks off.  For now, we invite you to check out our Swoonworthy Hall of Fame.
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george piper dances
adam cooper
matthew bourne
** Our thanks to the clever individual who, perhaps tongue-in-cheek,  suggested the title for this page.
Some of the most breathtaking photographs on the following pages and on this website are done by one photographer - Bill Cooper.  Mr. Cooper started out as a dancer himself, working for various companies in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland and finally with The Scottish Ballet, where, with a little encourgement from the artistic director, his career as a professional photographer began.  Today he specializes in the performing arts and his finesse at capturing the essence of the artist at work puts him in league with the world's finest and most sought after photographers.  To learn more about him and to purchase his book, visit the ROH shop or Dance Europe.       
edward watson
will kemp
robert parker
carlos acosta
     simon cooper
   roberto bolle
christopher wheeldon
If you would like to see a dancer, choreographer or dance company featured on this page, please contact the webmaster.
   jason hartley
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