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The Third Bandit film online for free viewing!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

image14.jpeg image13.jpeg image12.jpeg have the full version available to watch, for free, of the award-winning short film that Will was involved with.

 The Third Bandit   (click on this link to watch!)

is Executive Produced by Will and has him starring as Donovan Bishop


A chaotic coming-of-age tragedy: three bandits, three banks, three days. Runaway teenagers, Lara and Charlie Morgan, travel across the B.C. Coastal Mountains on a chaotic and drug-fueled bank robbing spree. Taken in by a cult-like family, they become indebted to it’s charismatic leader, Donovan Bishop, a counter-culture crusader turned crime lord. Meanwhile, Andrew Boone, a disgraced rookie police officer, having lost his fiancee and his career, finds himself face-to-face with the bandits in a serendipitous collision of worlds. With no other options, the three are forced to unite together to free themselves from Donovan’s grip.

It’s a really great little film and Will is tremendous in it as this review agrees:

“ Kemp is an absolute gem in playing Bishop, a completely deluded, tyrannical criminal whose moral compass has long since departed, if ever even possessed.”